You can download JOembed Plugin from Joomla Code in this link version 1.5

If you are using the new Joomla 1.6 here you are link to this software

Example Output


How to use it?

Joembed is a plugin for joomla, thinking in final user an ease of use, the shortest and lightest way of embeding rich content ever injoomla is as shown below.

Just insert a link in the next format.

<a class="oembed" href=";feature=related"k2</a>


Download and install via joomla installer, don't forget to enable in plugins manager.


Spanish and English are supported, their ini files can be found in language folder of joomla.


Oembed format especification and use

In many cases this plugins make use of services given by

This plugin make use of the jquery plugin developed by Richard Chamorro that can be found in




format of embedding: the best and magic way is replace, in this way your link will disapear and rich content is positioned in that point. And if you disable the plugin your content will degrade to simple links.

Max. width an Max Height: Here you can setup the with and height of video and images;

Note that not every provider give you that dimensions, specially in video formats, because these parameters are like their names indicates max values to query from them, so you can get smaller video formats. if you want to control the box of your media wrap it in a controlled div.

JOembed do need JQuery Library to work properly, then you have to options:

1º.- You have a plugin,module or a component that is loading JQuery; if this occur you must disable loading JQuery library.

Jquery is known to interfere with mootools that it is loaded by joomla, you can enable or disable no-conflict feature of jquery in the plugin configuration. if your component do not do that ( this is not frecuent).

2º.- You do not have any plugin or component that load JQuery, you must enable loading and no-conflict features of this plugin.

Providers supported by this plugin,